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Caroline Shotton - Artist 

As one of the leading contemporary artists in the UK, Caroline Shotton's infamous collection of bovine art has not only redefined the perimeters of modern-day portraiture, but has shed a new light on our appreciation of art and the role it plays in our day to day lives.


Caroline has built herself up to the top of the contemporary art world by relinquishing the barriers of 'high brow' art and carved her own path offering viewers a light-hearted description of the complexities of emotion, expression, and character.

Known for her adaptations of well known masterpieces - featuring her iconic cow twists - Caroline's artwork is highly valued, and highly collectable.

Originally studying at Central St. Martins and then progressing to a self-made career as a freelance artist, Caroline's path to success was truly made whilst she was expecting her first son, Sam.

So, why cows? "I wanted to paint something happy for my child's bedroom wall" explains Caroline to this FAQ. "I wanted to create a character that would make him smile and keep him company." This led to a colourful composition featuring a quirky cow.

Painting and travelling as a working freelancer was going to be too much of a challenge as a new mother, so Caroline started approaching publishing companies. Leading UK Fine Art Publisher Washington Green were quick to realise that Caroline had a unique and appealing style, and out of many of the painting techniques that she is more than capable of, the publisher quickly focussed in on the cow character - and history was in the making. With Caroline becoming one of the best selling artists within their portfolio.

Caroline's work has gone from strength to strength and, in 2019, she left Washington Green to become an independent artist publishing her own work.

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